Bulk Sending with No Block

Best practices To send out your WA Marketing Campaign with the lowest Blocking or Ban Rates

a) Preparing Long-Term Campaigns.

  1. Download the 50 Whatsapp Copy to your Mobile. ( registered users can download )
  2. Register and Add the 50 Whatsapp Numbers to your Whatsho Panel.
  3. Activate the Chat BOT to your Accounts through your Whatsho Panel.
  4. Set Autoresponder to all your Accounts through your Whatsho Panel.
  5. Try to send a message from each Number to All the rest 50 Wa Numbers. (warming Channels UP). This is a good step to let the Senders looking normal numbers.

b) Sending Campaigns.

  1. Add your Messages to all Sender Numbers Menus
  2. Try to Use Spintax Options to create random content. ex: {Hi|Hello|Hola}
  3. Now Set Delay time Between Each Message FROM: TO. We recommend you to start sending for low quantity if your sender numbers is fresh and just registered, Then increase it day by day
  4. Example: From 40 to 50 Minutes. This Means End of the Day your server will Send a Total:

30 Messages per Each Number (X) 50 Sender Numbers (=) 1.500 Messages Per Day ( and all your Senders are Safe )

End of Month = 45,000 Messages Sent

Are you a Marketer?

If you have a marketing Company and wish to send a lot of Quantities Every Day? Then you have another option.

Request a 100 Sender Plan or 2 Accounts.

NOTE: you can Set Sending Speed to be 1 Message per Second, But this is not much Safe from getting Banned.